A Solution to a Common Problem

Do you or someone you know use public showers? Whether it's at caravan parks, showgrounds, gyms, or campgrounds, you've probably encountered the age-old problem of water pooling on the floor while trying to get dry and dressed. And let's not forget the concerns about germs on those public shower floors! Trying to manage this situation in a small shower cubicle can be a real hassle.

Our Easidry Mats were born out of a real-life need for a practical solution. After embarking on a year-long journey across Australia as a single parent, the founder faced the challenge of raising funds to achieve the dream of buying a house. In the search for an answer, the idea to create a better shower mat sparked.

With countless encounters and comments about a simple yet highly effective shower mat that she had crafted for her travels, inspiration struck. The mat had a waterproof backing and a soft toweling front, providing the perfect blend of functionality and comfort. It allowed for getting dry without wetting clothes and kept feet dry while getting dressed. Furthermore, it dried quickly and was incredibly lightweight.

Research revealed that there was nothing quite like it on the market, and the need was clear. Armed with determination and limited resources, our founder embarked on the journey of turning an idea into reality.

The Birth of Easidry Mats

With little sewing experience since home economics in year 9, our founder, a true country and horsey girl, embraced the challenge. She invested in a small sewing machine and gathered supplies, bringing her vision to life. There were trials, errors, and creative moments, but the result was the new and improved Easidry travel shower mat.

This innovative mat is designed to be effortlessly portable, rolling up like a newspaper to fit snugly into your shower bag. It even comes with a handy hook to hang on the shower cubicle wall, ensuring it stays dry while you shower. Easidry Mats dry rapidly, and they are available in four different funky color designs that change with the seasons.

A Labor of Love

Every Easidry Mat is handmade, and currently, they're crafted right on our founder's dining room table with love and care. By supporting Easidry Mats, you're not just getting a functional and stylish product; you're also helping a passionate entrepreneur fulfill her dreams and change the showering experience for travelers on the road.

So, whether you're a seasoned traveler, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone tired of wet and germ-ridden shower floors, Easidry Mats have got you covered. Join us in this journey, and together, we'll transform your shower experience on the road and at home. Get behind our little business, and let's make showering an Easidry experience!